Station Batteries
  • Mechanical Checks and visual inspection
    • Inspection for physical damage /defects
    • Verify system configuration and capacity with specification and drawing
    • Checks intercell and inter-tier connection link bolts tightness
    • Check nameplate information for correctness( type of battery ,Ah
      capacity ,date of manufacture
  • Electrical Test
    • Perform initial charge of battery(equalize voltage ,charging rate and charging time according to the manufacturer’s instructions)
    • Inspection and check cell voltage ,electrolyte specific gravity and cell temperature at end of the charge cycle.
    • Perform standard 8 hours or 10 hours as applicable ,discharge test procedures per ANSI/IEEE standard 450
    • Recharging the battery according to the manufacturer’s instruction
Battery Charger
  • Mechanical Checks and visual inspection
    • Inspection of physical damage
    • Check name plate information
    • Check tightens
    • Inspection all panel mounted devices (meter, switches ,push buttons, lamps)
  • Electrical Test
    • Megger all wiring and input output cables
    • Checking the adjustment of output float and equalize voltage
    • Function check of the following
      • High & Low output voltage alarm/shutdown
      • Ground monitoring /ground detector
      • All protective alarms/shutdowns
      • Current limitation
      • All device ( switches, push buttons, indication lamps,etc)
      • Checking output ripple content
      • Checking regulation at 0% ,50% & 100% of full load
      • Measuring AC input and DC output voltage and current
      • Calibrate voltmeter & Ammeter
      • Checking load sharing for parallel chargers

TECHSEN offer Field Testing and Condition Assessment