Transformer Oil Filteration

TECHSEN Field Services also includes hot oil reclamation. The TECHSEN hot oil reclamation rigs type Fluidex 5500 LPH from General Electric and 8000 LPH from ANERVAC , which can be performed on Energized or Die-energized transformers up to 230 KV depend on client requirements, have purified millions of gallons of oil and prolonged the life of thousands of transformers. Because it's energized, the customer never has to take an outage. We also provide mobile oil processing and purification units and oil tankers on site for oil filtration or oil replacement.


To obtain good performance from transformer, the present and future transformer requires high quality and purity insulating oil at the time of use. The increasing voltage and rating of the modern transformer, electrical apparatus results in greater electrical stress in insulating material and fluids. To avoid this stresses, oil with good dielectric qualities and minimum residual moisture (water) content in oil must be maintained. Contaminated oil looses its characteristics of dielectric strength, receptivity and loss factor. Moisture in addition, favors acid and sludge formation.

Transformer Vacuum & Filling

TECHSEN The large vacuum system promptly pulls vacuum and maximizes our ability to remove moisture and air voids in the windings. Eliminating air voids is crucial for limiting corona discharges. The vacuum time is based on the transformer rating, voltage class and the customer's specifications. TECHSEN's oil filling procedure involves circulating the oil through our processing rigs. offers the expert solutions to meet your electrical power system needs.

The oil is heated, dehydrated, degassed and filtered through filter before entering the transformer. In addition, TECHSEN continuously analyzes and monitors the oil during the transformer filling process. The detailed process ensures that the transformer receives the highest quality oil.

TECHSEN Can Meet Your Substation Transformer Needs