Infrared Thermal Imaging Services

In all electrical or mechanical systems excessive heat is usually a hallmark of future problems. Our thermographer (equipped with high quality thermal imaging systems) can reliably detect this heat and report potential problem areas to you prior to failure. A comprehensive infrared inspection program, performed by professional thermographer, can reduce downtime, prevent disastrous failures, and most importantly save lives and money

  • We can detect overloaded and phase to phase problems with infrared technology.
  • If properly conducted infrared electrical surveys are safe, fast, and reliable
  • Thermal inspections are non contact. Inspections can be performed at any time without shutting down the facility

Infrared Thermal Imaging Inspections play a crucial role in lowering energy costs and preventing property loss or damage due to unseen conditions. I have residential and commercial customers that have lowered energy bills dramatically after having a infrared scan of their home or business and then following up with minor repairs that save big dollars on energy costs, property loss and repair bills.

TECHSEN offer Field Testing and Condition Assessment